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Advanced Features

ServiceQuery is an open-source library designed to streamline data querying over REST APIs, similar to OData and GraphQL. It supports a wide range of popular SQL and NoSQL databases, ensuring secure and efficient data querying by eliminating injection attacks. With ServiceQuery, clients and front-end applications gain powerful querying capabilities through a standardized endpoint.

The library offers comprehensive features, including aggregate functions, advanced comparison operations, and flexible query construction. Additionally, ServiceQuery provides documentation and examples, making it easy to integrate and use across various applications.

Code Coverage

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We have thoroughly tested our product to ensure it is reliable and secure for everyone.

Wide Database Support

Seamlessly supports popular SQL and NoSQL databases including Azure Data Tables, Cosmos DB, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.


Eliminates injection attacks by building LINQ expressions using individually mapped functions and parsed data.

Dynamic Querying

Allows clients and front-end applications to dynamically query data through a standardized endpoint.

JavaScript Integration

Easy integration with front-end applications using the ServiceQuery.js JavaScript file for building request queries.

Comprehensive Documentation

Detailed documentation covering supported data types, operations, and implementation examples.

Flexible Query Construction

Construct queries using the ServiceQueryRequestBuilder object, supporting a variety of operations.

Aggregate Functions

Includes support for average, count, maximum, minimum, and sum functions.

Advanced Comparison Functions

Supports a wide range of comparison functions for both numeric and string data types.

Grouping and Logical Functions

Create complex queries using AND, OR, BEGIN, and END grouping functions.

Nullability Functions

Handle null and non-null values effectively in your queries.

Paging Functions

Easily implement pagination with page number, page size, and include count functions.

Selecting Functions

Customize query results by selecting specific properties and using distinct queries.

Sorting Functions

Sort results in ascending or descending order.

Role-Based Security

Restrict properties based on user roles to enhance data security.

Sharding Support

Add expressions to queries to target specific data segments for efficient retrieval and security.

Server-Side Customization

Customize server-side query processing with the ServiceQueryOptions object.

Example Implementations

Explore detailed examples for various database storage providers in the examples folder.

Discussion Board

Join the community discussion board to post questions, share feedback, and collaborate with other users.

Direct Support

Access direct support via email for any issues or inquiries related to ServiceQuery with our consulting services.

Open Source

ServiceQuery is available under the MIT permissive license, allowing for community contributions and transparency.

Artificial Intelligence

Query your database with simple human text input using OpenAI GPT LLMs.

View Our Examples

We have created examples using the most popular database storage providers. See how easy it is to start querying your data!

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Query Operations

Note: Not all database providers support all operations or data types. View our documentation for each provider to know what is available.

Aggregate Operations

  • Average
  • Count
  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Sum

Comparison Operations

  • Between
  • Equal
  • Not Equal
  • Less Than
  • Less Than or Equal
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than or Equal
  • In Set
  • Not In Set

Comparison Operations (String)

  • StartsWith
  • Contains
  • EndsWith

Grouping Expressions

  • Begin
  • End
  • And
  • Or

Nullability Expressions

  • Is Null
  • Is Not Null

Select Operations

  • Select
  • Distinct

Paging Operations

  • Page Number
  • Page Size
  • Include Count

Sorting Operations

  • Ascensing
  • Descending

Open Source

ServiceQuery is open source and is free to use for commercial purposes.

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