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Service Query supports many operations that allow you to quickly and easily query for data in a storage provider agnostic way. The operations are modeled based on SQL and Linq syntax.

Note: Not all database providers support all operations or data types. View our documentation for each provider to know what is available.

Aggregate Operations

  • Average
  • Count
  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Sum

Comparison Operations

  • Between
  • Equal
  • Not Equal
  • Less Than
  • Less Than or Equal
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than or Equal
  • In Set
  • Not In Set

Comparison Operations (String)

  • StartsWith
  • Contains
  • EndsWith

Grouping Expressions

  • Begin
  • End
  • And
  • Or

Nullability Expressions

  • Is Null
  • Is Not Null

Select Operations

  • Select
  • Distinct

Paging Operations

  • Page Number
  • Page Size
  • Include Count

Sorting Operations

  • Ascensing
  • Descending

Tested. Reliable Software.

We created a XUnit test harness to test Service Query against all storage providers for line code coverage.

line code coverage

System Diagram

Service Query is a small translation layer that provides access to multiple data stores in a standardized way.